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Our Programs

Girls Learning and Leadership Program

Curriculum Based Learning:

When reviewing the educational backdrop and interacting with adolescent girls and leaders from marginalized regions, significant gaps in the teaching-learning of English, Science, and Math were discovered. Several factors contribute to this, including a lack of qualified educators, teaching equipment, an over-reliance on books and rote learning, and a lack of family/community support. In the twenty-first century, digital learning is also crucial for navigating both educational and professional endeavors. CSEI focused on involving 'knowledge partners' in key subjects to develop/adapt curriculum learning to help girls finish school confidently. The programme is intended to foster learning and leadership among Girl Champions (GCs), who will be additionally encouraged to form habitation-based 'peer learning circles'. Five senior women fellows and fifteen young women Mentors anchored and supported the 75 Girl Champions to reach out to Star Girls (SGs) in their Peer Learning Circles (PLCs) across the 75 habitations. The GCs and their peer-learning circles were supported to organize community events, campaigns and book reading to build learning enabling environment in their community. Confidence building, critical thinking, creative learning and collaboration were integrated into the different learning modules along with ‘Khel se Mel (Play for Peace) activities.

Community Maths:

In December 2022, CSEI partnered with Aavishkaar to launch a Maths learning program targeting Girl Champions in Purnia and Shravasti. Recognizing weak math comprehension, they formed a group called "Community Fellows," comprising 12 individuals, including 3 women, to enhance skills. Through a three-day workshop and subsequent online sessions, facilitated by Aavishkaar and CSEI, fellows gained confidence in teaching math creatively. They received support from Jodo-Gyan math kits and engaged 1500 students across 12 schools, garnering positive feedback. Interest has sparked for program expansion to more schools, indicating its promising impact on math education in the community.

Citizen Generated Data:

Amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, efforts were made to address learning loss among children and promote community involvement in accessing essential services. Collaborating with partners such as the Azim Premji Foundation and UNICEF, initiatives were launched to track learning recovery and mobilize communities. Through field research and data collection, the extent of learning deficits post-school closures was highlighted, advocating for targeted interventions. Community Based Monitoring (CBM) 2.0 engaged communities across multiple states, facilitating access to state provisions and promoting Covid-19 preventive behaviors. These efforts, focused on empowering communities and addressing marginalized groups' needs, contribute to building resilient societies and fostering inclusive development.

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