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About Us

CSEI was registered as a Trust in 2009. The impetus to initiate CSEI is embedded in the three decades of Dalit rights work of its board and senior team. We recognize the need for purposive social equity and inclusion strategies to address the historical and continuing exclusion and discrimination against socially excluded and marginalized community disadvantaged communities. We are acutely aware of its complex and multiple dimensions intersecting with gender, ability, age, language, economic class, and remote geographies to name some.

Our Timeline


Initiated youth work in Bihar


FCRA registration


Registered as Trust


Incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) focus


Conceptualised and researched community led organisations (CLOs)


Conceptualised CSEI


Wings Created

Conceptualised leave no one behind through community-generated data


Initiated Girls Learning and Leadership Program


Expanded youth work to Delhi and Uttar Pradesh


Initiated Working Women Health Program


Deepened focus on girls learning and leadership


Field visits and review meetings  (3)_ed

Our Vision

A just and inclusive society where every human being has equitable opportunities and resources, and adequate capabilities to harness their potential, realize their rights, and fulfill their responsibilities to live in fellowship, with dignity and liberty.

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Our Mission

To promote the socio-economic and cultural rights of socially excluded children and youth, with added focus on girls, to realize their rights to education, leadership, skills, and employment through evidence-based advocacy for inclusive policies/provisions, partnering with community-led civil society organizations and other stakeholders.

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Our Values

We are committed to non-discrimination, diversity, and affirmative action promoting social inclusion.

We believe in collaboration, partnership, and networking to build a vibrant civil society.

We practice democratic and collective leadership, transparency, and accountability in all our interventions.

Theory of Change

We believe that empowered young people hold the potential to transform socially excluded and marginalized communities as a critical link to wider society and the bridge between the adults/elders who have lived in social exclusion and the children who are building its future. Gender equity measures to support girls' full engagement and leadership are central to this process. We continuously deepen our engagement with further marginalized communities and intersectional issues of sexual minorities and persons with disability to enrich inclusion.

Our Team

Ajay Ravidas

Youth Work & Campaign Specialist, BASF Bihar

Bittoo Singh

Administrative & Logistic Supervisor, Delhi

Jitika Kain

HR Coordinator and Accounts Assistant

Pooja Kishore

Youth Work & Campaign Specialist, U.P.

Vikas Kumar

Office Incharge

Alka Raina

Program Associate, Maths & Science

Chandrakanta Bharti

Training and Content Development Specialist

Kamlesh Chandra Mathpal

Accounts Officer, Delhi


Youth Work & Campaign Specialist, Delhi

Ashok Kumar

Accounts Officer, Bihar

Farheen Fatima

Program Associate

Monika Chopra

Finance & Admin Manager

Shazia Shaheen

Administrative & Logistic Supervisor, Bihar

Binish Nafees

Sr. Research and Documentation Specialist

Ganesh Kumar Ram

Office Incharge

Niranjan Kumar

Site Lead - Clay Project, Bihar

Sheetal Pandey

Social Media & Content Creation Assistant

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