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Create Cooperative Learning Spaces

Peer-Learning Circles

They are creative learning spaces organized by Girl Champions for a peer group of adolescent girls in their habitations. The Girl Champions lead the PLC and share the information and knowledge they have gained in their training and learning process.

Inclusive Bal-Sansad

Inclusive Bal-Sansad incorporates additional Social Justice Minister into the existing Bal-Sansad in schools to discuss equity-inclusion issues and strategies to address them.

Empowered Meena-Manches

Empowered Meena-Manches holds conversations with girls in a safe space to build gender and social awareness.

Vyaktitva Vikas Kendra (VVK)

Vyaktitva Vikas Kendra (VVK) provides an inclusive learning space for Musahar students in Nadwan to gather every Sunday and self-organize learning sessions.

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