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Girls Learning & Leadership Programme

Girls Learning and Leadership Programme (GLLP) from xxx 2020 to June 2022 to support adolescent girls maintain learning continuity during the covid school lockdown. The project identified interested school-going girls (GCs- Girl Champions) from the Dalit and Minority communities to organize ‘Peer Learning Circles (PLCs)’ for young girls in their habitations. The GCs were trained on social and gender awareness, identity affirmation and leadership, the Constitution, rights and legislations, the use of computers, and social media. 56 GCs engaged xxx PLC members across 56 habitations in 4 districts in Bihar and 2 districts in Uttar Pradesh. The GC was supported by mentors and anchors to carry out the project in their habitats.

The project has:

  • Promoted xx girls as education leaders in their community and built their own aspirations and access to further education;

  • Supported xxx PLC members to return to schools when schools reopened

  • Girls across xxx districts campaigned and sent postcards to the Hon Prime Minister’s office to ensure 12 years of universal free inclusive quality education to all girls in the country.

Her-story writing – The Girl Champions is in the process of writing their her-story that will interweave personal and societal narratives to promote a more inclusive society.

Children Learning Program

  • Leadership among youth from marginalized communities

    • Social and legal awareness

    • Identity and self-affirmation

    • Role models and mentors

    • Exposure and internship

    • Community action programs

    • Youth forums

    • Beyond the horizon


  • Girls’ empowerment and gender sensitivity

    • Equal participation and leadership of girls

    • Specific programs for girls

    • Gender awareness and sensitivity building

    • Sexual and reproductive health rights

Youth Equity Forum

CSEI evolved the Youth Equity Forums (YEF) as inclusive safe spaces where young people from diverse marginalized communities converge, communicate and collaborate in their journey from ‘self to society’ affirming their identity, experiential learning, and appreciative inquiry.

National Youth Equity Forum

A national collective of Dalit (SCs), Adivasi (STs), nomadic tribes (NTs/DNTs), socially excluded Muslim and other marginalized youth led state collectives/forums towards nurturing their leadership based on the principle of self to society.

Delhi Youth Equity Forum

Working in Delhi (NCR) towards empowering the socially excluded young people to achieve their full potential and through them enable an equitable and inclusive space to find the rightful place in youth development. Our main aim is to spread the value of Equity mainly in Delhi. Educating and organizing with the youth of socially excluded community (SC/ST, MUSLIM, NT/DNTS) towards youth development and youth for development, with the modal of SELF, SOCIETY & GOVERNANCE.

U. P. Youth Equity Forum

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