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Girls Learning & Leadership Programme

CSEI initiated its youth work in 2011 in Bihar promoting community-level youth groups and a Bihar state forum called the Bihar Ambedkar Students Forum (BASF). The process was taken to Delhi (Delhi Youth Equity Forum) and Uttar Pradesh (UP Youth Equity Forum) in 2018. Youth equity forums (YEFs) provide leadership spaces and opportunities for young people from marginalized communities to work on their own career development and growth (youth development) and promote the development of their communities (youth4development). Selected youth fellows are provided a ‘fellowship’ and build their cohort and community for influence. As state-level forums, they are able to take up contextual issues and build collective processes to influence policies. The YEF is currently in the process of collectivization into the National Youth Equity Forum (NYEF).

The YEF fellows commit to:

  • Not dropping out of education before graduation

  •  Not being married before xx years

  • Payback to society and community

  • Contribute to an inclusive society based on Constitutional values


Currently, BASF has xx fellows, the DYEF has xx fellows and the UPYEF xx fellows. Together they reach out to xxx cohort members across xx habitations.

Yuva Shakti is a pilot program promoting Constitutional values among marginalized young people in Nelamangala in Karnataka, Samastipur in Bihar, and Ujiarpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Gender Leadership Program

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In 2012, CSEI recognized ‘community-led organizations (CLOs)’ which are civil society organizations promoted by members of marginalized communities to promote the rights of their communities. CLOs have an in-depth connection and a sustained presence in the local community. They provide the best option to reach the ‘last-mile’ communities, reaching communities where government services are negligible.


Taking the principle of ‘leave no one behind (LNOB)’ in the sustainable development goals (SDGs), CSEI initiated the process of supporting marginalized communities to generate data (community-generated data – CGD) and track their rights and development progress. It is a participatory process anchored with the CLOs and engaging community volunteers to gather data and evidence. The critical rights concerns of the community and the development (in)equalities are tracked for evidence-based policy influencing. CSEI partners with the global LNOB coalition to promote CGD.

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