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Girl Champion: Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Currently pursuing a B.A. degree at P.G. College, Kunda Bhauropur, Sultanpur, I have encountered a notable contrast in my academic journey: while Hindi presented minimal challenges, English remained a persistent obstacle. It is within this context that the GLLP program emerged as a pivotal force. Its significance extends far beyond academic aid; rather, it fosters a vibrant community of peers whose collective support has been instrumental in honing my English proficiency. With their guidance and encouragement, I've transcended inhibitions in public speaking and English communication, forging a path toward newfound confidence. The program has catalyzed substantial positive changes in both my knowledge and personal growth. Reflecting on past apprehensions regarding English discourse in front of teachers, I now embrace a shifted perspective—one that acknowledges mistakes as integral to the learning journey, free from undue worry. The fellowship support, primarily directed towards educational expenses like fees and travel to the center, has also alleviated household needs, ensuring holistic support for my academic pursuits. Through the GLLP program, I've not only navigated linguistic challenges but also discovered a community that empowers and inspires growth.


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