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Girl Champion: Delhi

Residing in one of Delhi's urban slums, I eagerly joined the English Learning & Life Skills program, which proved to be a turning point in my journey. Through this initiative, I delved into expanding my English vocabulary and mastering the language's nuances. The program not only broadened my linguistic horizons but also introduced me to diverse fields of knowledge, equipping me with valuable skills along the way. Engaging in songs and interactive activities made learning English enjoyable and effective. As a result, my confidence surged, and my apprehensions about public speaking and English communication dissolved. Today, I navigate English conversations with ease, exuding newfound confidence in both speech and body language. These enhanced language abilities have even facilitated my understanding of college concepts. Moreover, by diligently saving the fellowship stipend, I've paved the way for my college education and future career prospects. My journey reflects resilience, growth, and the transformative power of education in urban slums.


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