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Aspire Fellowship

Ambedkar Students’ Platform for Inclusion and Rights Based Education ASPIRE Fellowship

“Nurturing Socially Excluded Young Leaders”

What is ASPIRE Fellowship?

It is an experiential journey designed for “first generation school goers” among Dalit, Adivasi, Muslim and Nomadic Tribes to facilitate their transition into higher education, impart 21st century skills, citizenship education and educate on exclusion – equity – Inclusion framework through a youth friendly curriculum based on self to society. This fellowship helps young people and adolescents, especially girls to become resilient, prioritize well-being for themselves and for their community, acquire leadership skills, knowledge on their constitutional rights and duties and engage with a life long learning community of youth who aspire for an inclusive society.

Who can join the fellowship?

• First generation school goers among Scheduled Castes (SCs) or Dalit, Scheduled Tribes (STs) or Adivasi, Muslim and Nomadic Tribes (NTs/DNTs) – whose both parents have not studied beyond higher secondary (12th grades)

• Aged between 16 – 21 years

• Has an aspiration for higher education

• Willing to invest time for weekly “Youth Adda” on every weekend

• Wanting to learn and acquire skills to engage with other youth and community in their own locality

• Willing to travel across India

What is the time period of the fellowship?

The fellowship is designed for 1 year and divided in to 4 quarters of 3 months each.

  • Quarter (3 months) design in terms of SELF-SOCIETY-GOVERNANCE

  • Last quarter – Quarter of opportunity where Internships will be provided to fellows.

Is this a certified journey?

It is run by a registered trust named “Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion (CSEI)” who provides a one-year certificate as “Youth leader” after successful completion of the fellowship period. This certificate adds in to CV/career growth of the fellow and also opens up various opportunity in the development sector and also in another sector.

What are the benefits of this fellowship?

• Economic support as scholarship to continue education

• Certified journey to become Youth leader/development professional

• Opportunities for higher education and other career growth plans

• Knowledge and practical skills on 21st century skills, constitutional awareness, leadership skills and Community Action Projects (CAPs)

• Life long membership to a community of young leaders within National Youth Equity Forum (NYEF)

Do you want to transform your life?

Do you believe in nurturing your leadership skills to become “role model” for your own community and for larger community?

Do you want to spend one year for your own development?

Do you think you can make a difference in the society?

If “YES”, then ASPIRE Fellowship is meant for you!

For application, go through the link:


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