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Social Research & Policy

Social Research & Policy

CSEI undertakes policy research to build evidence to promote social equity-inclusion for socially excluded communities. Some of these have been first-time research in the particular domain.


1. Educated Dalit women in rural and urban areas:

2. Deepening democracy and development

3. Status and challenges of education among Musahar community

4.CARE study

5. Education of urban poor children in Delhi (in Jayshree time)

6. Delhi study

Community Data Collection

CSEI in partnership with UNICEF is tracking the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown on marginalized communities through community-based monitoring (CBM). 12 CLOs tracked the impact on households, women, and children across 240 habitations in 12 districts (7 states) in CBM 1.0. CBM 2.0 partners with 19 CLOs in 19 districts (12 states) across 380 habitations tracking 6600 households (approx.). over 760 community volunteers generate community data and support community members to access state services and social protection schemes. 

Campaign & Networking

Collaboration, collective engagements, and networking are built into the DNA of CSEI in amplifying civil society interventions for impact. CSEI’s youth work promotes youth collectives at habitation-state-national levels; promotes peer-learning circles among adolescent girls; partners with community-led organizations in promoting social equity-inclusion. Additionally, we are active core-group members in the state and national right-to-education forums. We lead the Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA) civil society platform promoting governance accountability to end poverty and social exclusion. We are closely engaged in global civil society forums on SDGs (A4SD, GCAP) and the global LNOB partnership. 


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